Assistive Listening Device Resources & Links

Here is a list of helpful links about hearing loss and resources for understanding assistive listening devices.

Hearing Loss Association of AmericaThe Hearing Loss Association of AmericaThe Hearing Loss Association of America offers resources for information on hearing loss.
America Audiology AssociationThe America Audiology AssociationAn amazing catalog of helpful resources on hearing loss.
Hearing Loop OrganizationThe Hearing Loop Website  An informational site with explanations, articles, media links, and audio demonstrations.
David MyersDavid MyersSocial psychologist David Myers is a communicator of psychological science to college students and the general public.
JSterkens2Hearing Loop SpeakerJuliëtte Sterkens is an internationally recognized hearing loop advocate and speaker. Invite her to speak at your next event and learn about hearing loops. Contact her directly at
Hearing Loop TrainingHearing Loop Installation TrainingHere you can find information on installation training for hearing loop systems.
Alexander Graham Bell AssociationAlexander Graham Bell AssociationFor families dealing with childhood hearing loss and hard-of-hearing adults who choose to communicate through spoken language and speech reading. They have an extensive resource list.
H.E.A.R NetH.E.A.R NetworkFor musicians and music-lovers with hearing loss and those who want to avoid hearing loss.
National Association of the DeafNational Association of the DeafAdvocacy group for deaf and hard-of-hearing people, with a focus on American Sign Language users.
Say What ClubSay What ClubOnline support group of late-deafened, hard-of-hearing, and deaf adults.
Better Hearing InstituteBetter Hearing InstituteHearing aid industry sponsored website. Includes non-product-specific information.
National Institute on Deafness and other Communication DisordersNational Institute on Deafness and other Communication DisordersGovernment clearinghouse on hearing-loss issues.
Fox Valley Hearing LoopFox Valley Hearing LoopHearing loop resources for the Wisconsin and Illinois area.
captionfishCaption Fish - Find Movies With CaptionsFor a list of captioned movies and captioned movie trailers with 60 miles of your location use this handy link.