Why The Assistive Listening Device Locator? 

What sounds do you want to experience? Whether it’s an actor’s soliloquy at the theater, the subtleties of the string section at a concert, or the brilliant remark by the presenter at your local university; you deserve to hear the sounds that are important to you. Maybe you’ve chosen not to venture out for the experiences that are so meaningful to you because you’ve been challenged to enjoy the sounds of that experience. With the ALD Locator, you’ll discover numerous venues that make it easy for you to enjoy what you love doing the most, all without having to compromise hearing the actual event. 

The ALD Locator site was created as a resource for anyone with assistive listening needs. Its mission is to provide you with access to assistive listening friendly facilities and businesses. Discover the places that ensure you can have the experience you deserve. Use it as a tool for activities in your local area or to plan more enriching experiences in your travels.  Listen Technologies Corporation, a supplier of assistive listening technologies, has sponsored this locator as a public service to the Hard of Hearing (HoH) community. 

Searching for a venue is easy. Simply enter in a postal code, address, or city and the assistive listening friendly venue options will appear. Each venue listed, whether it is a sports arena, a local movie theater, or a concert venue, is equipped with assistive listening devices. Start your search now and go out and connect to pure, focused sound.  

We are always interested in feedback to help make this a more useful resource for the Hard of Hearing (HoH) community. You can help build this locator by making suggestions of venues to be added, or reporting problems you have encountered with assistive listening systems. Please use the “Add a Location” or “Report a Problem” tab to supply this information. If you have any other comments or suggestion, please feel free to contact the webmaster at webmaster@ALDLocator.com.